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Shavuot Galore
Saturday May 23 - Monday May 25
We have a full slate of events scheduled for Shavuot!

Erev Shavuot, Saturday
Come get enlightened and sugar high and deliriously tired in honor of Torah.

Dinner, discussion and a class with Rabbi Noa Kushner at the Women's Building, 9pm.
Late night learning and dessert at 971 Dolores Street, 11:15pm.

Shavuot day 1 morning services
Sunday, 10am
Join us for services for the first day at the Women's Building (3543 18th Street). We'll meet a little later than usual so you can sleep after last night's shenani- oh, we mean studying.

Shavuot day 2 morning services
Monday, 9:40am
We'll have services for the 2nd day of Shavuot at our usual time, at the Women's Building (3543 18th Street).

BBQ on 2nd day Shavuot
Monday May 25, 1:30pm
We just got all the rules for eating meat, so come help us put them to use with a kosher BBQ! Join us at 971 Dolores Street for a potluck on this glorious Memorial Day afternoon. Bring kosher meat or pareve items to grill and to share.

We will begin at 1:30pm and lunch will be followed by reading Megillat Rut.

More details are on the Calendar.


Kabbalat Shabbat
Friday nights at 7:00 Pacific Time
At the Women's Building
3543 18th St. between Guerrero and Valencia.
We'll be in the Audre Lorde room on the second floor.

The minyan meets every Friday night - join us! If you are interested in leading a part of the service - kabbalat Shabbat, ma'ariv or kiddush, please contact the gabbais (ritual coordinators).

Meal Matching
Friday nights
Every Friday, we try to arrange home hospitality between hosts who have space at their Shabbat meals, and folks new to the Minyan who are looking to meet some new people at a Shabbat dinner. If you are either a host or a guest looking for a match, please drop a note to our esteemed meal-matchers so that they can plan the matching. It's important that you contact her by Wednesday before Shabbos, and include important details like:

I'm a vegetarian / I'm vegan / I'm kosher and need to eat at a home with hechshered products and separate sets of utensils / I'm kosher but as long as any meat is kosher I'm fine eating anywhere / etc etc.

Please be complete and we'll do what we can!

Shabbat Morning
Most Saturday mornings at 9:40

We meet roughly three Saturdays each month during most of the year, and roughly twice per month in the summertime: For the current schedule, check the Calendar.

Please be on time so that we can make a minyan of 10 men and 10 women by 10:00 AM at the latest.

As always, we need to ensure that we will have at least 10 men and 10 women in advance. If we can count on you for our minyan this week, or if you'd like a part in the service, please let us know - we'd love to hear from you!