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SHabbat + meals

Kabbalat Shabbat

& Maariv

Every Friday night

6:30 pm in the winter, 7:00 pm in the summer

Stay afterward for kiddush and light snacks.

Shabbat Morning


Mostly every other week

Starts at 9:40 am. Be there by 10:00 am to help us make a minyan of 10 men and 10 women.

services: What to expect

Mission Minyan services use complete, traditional liturgy in Hebrew, with prayer books that include English and transliteration. We love to sing and collectively create energetic and spirited services together. 


We have three sections in the room where we gather for our services: mixed or non-identified gender, self-identified men, and self-identified women. At Mission Minyan, a minyan (quorum) is 10 women and 10 men. Without a complete minyan present, we don’t recite certain prayers, including the Barchu and Mourner’s Kaddish. 


Women read Torah and haftara, and lead Kabbalat Shabbat, P’sukei D’zimrah, and the Torah Service. Men read Torah and haftara, and lead Shacharit, Mussaf and Ma'ariv. Our services don’t include sermons, though we have occasional lunch and learns after Saturday morning services. Our services are also entirely volunteer-led so we’re always looking for more prayer leaders or volunteers to set up the room ("Shammas"). We’re happy to teach anyone who is interested in learning how to lead. We ask that the community refrain from using electronic devices during services.


All food served at Mission Minyan is hechshered (Rabbinically certified) kosher, prepared in kosher kitchens, and not cooked or carried on Shabbat.

Lunch N' Learns

Following Shabbat morning services, we sometimes host lunch and learns with teachers from both within the community and from around the world.

Melodies & TUNES

Whoever is leading can pick which melodies they use, but click below to open up SoundCloud for some of our regulars and community favorites.


Looking to be hosted for a Shabbat meal?  We’ll get the word out within the community that you’re looking. Just let us know about any dietary restrictions. 

Last minute? We’ll try to make meal matches right after Friday night services.

Hosting and have an extra seat? Let us know! 


About every other month we host a community meal following Friday night services. Stay for delicious food and singing. Find us in the same room as services or downstairs on the first floor. 


RSVPs and donations are requested, but everyone is always welcome.   

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